Memory 1050 Headboard, Mattress & Divan Set



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If your bed has seen better days, this bedding trio could be just what you’re looking for. Purchase this headboard, mattress and divan set and transform your sleep space instantly. The memory foam mattress will ensure comfort and support, while its anti-bacterial properties will help prevent the growth of bacteria, providing a cleaner sleeping environment. The attractive matching headboard perfectly finishes off this sleepwear system.,Dimensions: Mattress dimensions:nSingle (3ft): L190 x W90cm, Weight: 19.49kgnDouble (4ft 6in): L190 x W135cm, Weight: 29.24kgnKing size (5ft): L200 x W150cm, Weight- 34.20kgnDivan dimensions:nSingle (3ft): L190 x W90cm, Weight: 56.7kgnDouble (4ft 6in): L190 x W135cm, Weight: 54.5kgnKing size (5ft): L200 x W150cm, Weight: 56.7kgnDivan height: 41.5cm,Item details: 4 handles,Rotate 180 degrees only non-flip mattress,Mattress Handle: Damask, Plan A:Made from Sustainable Wood,More information: Mattress Spring count:1050 Pocket Springs, Mattress Type:Pocket Sprung, Mattress Handle:Yes, Matching Headboard Available:Yes

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