Introduction to Mattresses

Before we go to the details of mattresses, we will first understand what is a mattress? A mattress is nothing but a mat and pad, which is usually placed on top of a bed, on top of which you sleep. The word mattress is derived from Arabic words which mean “to throw” and “the place where something is thrown” or “cushion & mat”. Arabs usually sleep on cushions thrown on the floor & during the Crusades period, the Europeans adopted this Arabic method of sleeping and the word materas eventually descended into the Middle English Language.

Though a mattress can be placed directly on the floor, the usual practice is to place it on top of a bed or even a metal box spring or a slatted foundation to be on an elevated level from the ground. In earlier times, mattresses have been filled with a variety of natural materials like straw and feathers. But modern mattresses generally contain either a spring inside or materials like viscoelastic, latex, or other polyurethane-type of foams.

One type of mattress is the Tempurpedic mattresses. The TEMPUR material is made from polyurethane, a viscoelastic memory foam. TempurPedic believes that their mattresses create a custom fit for a person’s body, virtually eliminating painful pressure points which in turn reduces the body’s need to toss and turn in search of a comfort, pain-free sleeping position.

Tempurpedic foam mattresses have several benefits, one of which is its ability to retain motion. Which means you will not be affected by another person’s movement on our bed. This is because tempurpedic’s foam density is denser than most other mattresses.

Another benefit is its orthopedic property. Ordinary mattresses do not have the quality to conform according to our body easily which means pressure points can build up over the night. But while using a tempurpedic foam mattress, it conforms to your own body shape thus relieving of the pressure points. The tempurpedic mattress also has another quality of evenly adjusting your weight giving you greater comfort during sleep.

Tempurpedic foam mattresses are mostly used in hospitals to serve as an orthopedic bed, thus helping patients suffering from arthritis and also helps relieve joint pains.

Another type of mattress is the Adjustable bed mattresses. The adjustable bed mattress is an ultimate solution for an all night luxury. Adjustable beds are extremely comfortable and great for one’s health too. Just imagine, with the touch of a button you will be able to adjust the position of your bed. This comfort not only enables you to sleep in a “zero gravity” position but also relieves pressure from your spine and thus alleviating a variety of health problems.

Nowadays even doctors are recommending adjustable beds more than ever as a solution to a variety of ailments and also improve health and well-being of a person. Often our busy and stressful lives can take a toll on our health leading to neck and shoulder tension, lower back pain, leaving us sleepless. An Adjustable Bed is more likely to provide temporary relief from a variety of health problems such as:

o    Pain from Arthritis

o    Low Back Pain

o    Minor Aches & Pains

o    Neck & Shoulder Tension

o    Circulatory Problems

o    Asthma/Breathing Difficulties

o    Acid Reflux & Nighttime Heartburn

o    Edema or swelling of the Legs

o    Insomnia

Another type of mattress is the Posturepedic mattress. A Posturepedic not only gives a hold on the patented box spring system that works as a shock absorber, you also get the comfort of a Posturepedic mattress all night.

A Posturepedic mattress is made from finest quality & long lasting materials as the latex comfort materials present in it is long lasting & defends against wear and compression over time. Thus you will get rid of those uncomfortable bumps and sags that you can experience with a traditional spring mattress. They solid latex core helps resist dust mites and is antimicrobial. This is certainly a lifesaver for many people who suffer from Asthma, allergies, especially those who are sensitive to dust.